Book: Crossing That Bridge – Paperback


This book is designed to comfort, guide, heal, and inspire all those who are affected by suicide, including: Contemplators (those struggling with Self-destructive thoughts),  Survivors (those who have suffered loss) and Lifeguards (those trying to help).


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Suicide is a serious, and all too prevalent threat in our world today. Christine Eaton and T. Mitchell Anthony have written this succinct and practical guide to get you the help you need—when you need it. Instead of clinical research and analysis, you will hear from people just like you.  After all, the best way to cross that bridge is with the help of others who have already made the journey.

Crossing That Bridge is designed to comfort, guide, heal, and inspire anyone who has been impacted by suicide:

Contemplators: those struggling with self-destructive thoughts
Survivors: those who have suffered loss
Lifeguards: those trying to help

Read it for yourself or someone you care about, and then pass it on to someone else who can also help.


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