You are worth fighting for; you need to believe that!

Giving up—not crossing your bridge—is not an option. Someone needs you whether you realize that right now or not. Maybe you feel like you are running out of patience or time trying to figure out why you are alive, but rest assured—you have a purpose for being here.

Maybe you’re trying to convince yourself that you will not be missed. That is simply not true. You would be greatly missed by everyone you left behind. Do not listen to the words you hear or the thoughts that are trying to rob you of the life you’re meant to live. Don’t cave into your feelings of fear, doubt, and worry. Instead, put on your boxing gloves and step into the ring. Fight like you’ve never fought before. Fight for what has yet to be in your life. There’s so much more in store for you. You have been uniquely designed and chosen to do things that only you can do. People have shared story after story with us of how—because they held on even a little bit longer and kept walking—they not only found their purpose but also found amazing people who supported them along their journey. They went from “futile” to “fuller,” and not only crossed their bridge but also kept going way beyond their original destination.

You have a special gift to offer this world. And most likely the battle you’re now engaged in will be your testimony and living proof to someone else who may be having the same thoughts you currently are. Christine’s mother fought suicide more than 25 years ago. She had been battling severe depression and had even written a suicide note that she tucked into one of her dresser drawers. Christine and her mother were close—the best of friends! She never imagined her mother was suffering in such darkness that she would contemplate suicide. Christine’s mother made the decision to fight hard and live, because more than anything else, including suicide, she wanted to be there for Christine and her sister. Her mother got the help she needed, was properly diagnosed, and made sure she welcomed people into her life, regardless of whether she felt like it or not. Today, Christine’s mother is alive and well and loving her life. Christine couldn’t have said it better: “She is a wonderful woman who has added so much beauty to so many people in ways only she could. She is loved beyond measure, and her purpose for being here is too much to mention on these few pages. Thank you, Mom, for holding on!”

Christine’s stepchildren will never have that opportunity, because their mother did complete suicide. Their story would be so different today if she was present in their lives. There would have been more chapters to share in their journey, and more memories for them to experience together. Instead they are left forever longing to hug their mother one last time. Christine has experienced both sides of the story—the one that ends mournfully and the one that provides decades more of rejoicing and happiness.

Please seek help, and reach out to others who want to pull you out of your quicksand. Make the choice to keep breathing every breath you are purposed to breathe. There’s more to you than just “you.”  You have a bridge to cross, and you’ll find so much more than you ever envisioned once you reach the other side.

If you or someone you know needs hope and help,

please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

1-800-273-8255 now!